Rheumatology healthcare professionals need a Twitter Hashtag to assist in the education of specialists through the the exchange of clinical and practical information relevant to rheumatology.

It is my intention that the Hashtag, #rheumedu will be used predominantly by healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with musculoskeletal problems (but of course anyone who is genuinely interested is welcome to post or comment).

Whereas there are a number of useful disease specific hashtags being used by healthcare professionals and patients alike, I feel rheumatologists need a forum with a focus on the exchange of information relating to the practice of our specialty. This will involve the sharing of clinically relevant papers, educational resources, clinical anecdotes, practice management tips or physician requests for information from their colleagues.

I deliberately haven’t limited chats to a specific time. Feel free to post at any time of the day or night.

I would be really grateful if all rheumatologists or other healthcare professionals involved in the rheumatic disease would consider using the hashtag when posting information that they feel will be of interest to their peers.

Thanks to Andrew Spong for the name suggestion.

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