When I was approached a few months back ago to volunteer as a dancer at my daughter’s school’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Fundraiser I declined. The excuse I used, to my shame, is that I was too busy. The truth is that I was too afraid. Like many men of my age, I avoid occasions where …Read the Rest

Sheridan’s cheesemongers is one of my favourite places to visit on a Saturday morning. It’s a beautiful shop in the market area of Galway city, with an impressive selection from the best cheese makers from Ireland and Europe. In cheese terms, the possibilities of Sheridan’s are almost boundless. I have been a visitor to the …Read the Rest


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On his evening off a doctor attends his local theatre when, at a particularly dramatic part of the play, a voice shouts loudly from the audience “Is there a doctor in the house?!”. Eager to help, he immediately stands and replies “I’m a doctor.” “Bloody awful play isn’t it doctor!” comes the reply. Doctors are …Read the Rest


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Anyone with even a passing interest in Irish music will be aware of the excitement surrounding new Irish group, The Gloaming. The group is made up of a number of well known Irish traditional musicians (Martin Hayes, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Iarla Ó Lionaird) and two Americans; Hayes’ long time collaborator, Denis Cahill and the New …Read the Rest

My patient is a middle aged professional, with no symptoms what so ever. He is fit and healthy, a non smoker, has good teeth, eats well and has no family history of arthritis or autoimmune disease. So why is he seeing a rheumatologist? He’s concerned about some results he has received from a genetic screening …Read the Rest

Having excitedly accepted an offer to travel to Sydney to speak at a meeting later this year I find myself more than a little bit apprehensive as the presenter of the topic ‘The doctor of the Future’. How can anyone know how we’ll be practicing medicine in, say, 10 years? The world is changing very, …Read the Rest


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“Its just like taking you home with me doctor.” The comment came, accompanied by a wink and warm smile, from a patient called Mary. Mary was giving me some honest feedback on some informational videos (featuring me) that I had sent to her using a platform called Vidscrip*. Just in case you were wondering. Vidscrip …Read the Rest

“Are you bored yet?” I can remember my old boss asking the question, a few years into my new job as a medical consultant. How could I have been bored? I was doing what I had always aspired to do, in the city I loved and grew up in, and of course I was being …Read the Rest


Dec 26

Of late, I have become rather obsessed with the idea of my own mortality. And I’m rather enjoying myself in the process. A pea sized, previously un-noticed lymph node in my neck fast forwards me (despite the firm reassurance of my GP) to the lymphoma and failed bone marrow transplant that will take me away …Read the Rest

It must be great, people say to my wife, to have a doctor as a husband. They imagine a doctor spouse as an infinite source of medical information, a calm presence in the face of a family medical crisis or someone with an ‘always on’ bedside manner. Take it from me – its not all …Read the Rest