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Not being able to have sex, or struggling to enjoy it because of arthritis is a big deal to a lot of people. 50% of our patients with hip arthritis will have some difficulty having sex as a result of pain and stiffness and 20% of those who end up having a hip replacement have …Read the Rest


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This week I gave a presentation to the Irish Society for Rheumatology on how I learn using new technologies. This information is primarily directed at rheumatologists but may be of use to anyone interested in keeping up to date with the rheumatology world. The lists are intended as an introduction. If you think I have …Read the Rest


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Every year the streets of Galway are brought to life by the energy, wildness and fun of the annual Macnas parade. It is an important part of the ritual and culture of our city and gives everyone in our community the opportunity to come together, participate in something really unique, and show the rest of …Read the Rest

In the beginning it happens out of necessity. Even the best prepared junior doctor regularly finds themselves in situations where they are completely out of their depth and where they have no option but to wing it – to pretend they have the knowledge, to know how to react, or to simply pretend they have …Read the Rest

Two Hands

Sep 03


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If you have a spare 18 minutes, you could do a lot worse than watch this profoundly moving documentary about the concert pianist, Leon Fleisher. Fleisher’s early career was devastated by the development of a rare neurological disorder known as finger dytsonia. The movie, directed by Nathaniel Kahn, was nominated for an Oscar in 2007. …Read the Rest


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The late comedian, Bill hicks has a hilarious routine on the perils growing old. Although its probably best not reproduce the actual wording here, he remarks how, if he were to be given extra years in life (he wasn’t), he’d rather have them in the middle of his life rather than at the end. He …Read the Rest

This year my wife and I decided to compile a list of all of the holidays we’ve had since we had kids. Its a nice list and we’re lucky to have travelled as well as we have. I always get excited about going. There’s the anticipation of down-time away from work (and other peoples’ problems), …Read the Rest

 “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” (Pascal)  So this week I spent an hour of my time listening to a recording of silence. The silence I listened to was from a 3 track CD called Anail (Anail – the Irish word for ‘breath’). It is a series …Read the Rest

  I really don’t mind if you do. Although joint injections in the my hands aren’t too painful, the first time a doctor put a needle into my knee I swore*. The expletives popped out of me, just like they did when I splashed petrol in my eyes filling up the lawnmower, or when I …Read the Rest

Everyone working in healthcare should have a quick look at this very funny video. Although it pokes fun at the inability of men to listen and empathise effectively, it could just as easily represent a doctor patient interaction. Whereas a medical explanation for a patient’s problem might be obvious very early in the course of …Read the Rest